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The Metabolic Terrain Box is Launching


Who Are We

What is the Metabolic Terrain
Special-Edition Box? 

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer addresses the underlying conditions in a dis-eased body. The underlying conditions are referred to as the "terrain," a beautiful metaphor to think about your body as a garden. The terrain refers to a person's internal and external biological ecosystems. 

The body is a complete biosphere, a garden full of systems and networks that all communicate and interact with one another. Every being has internal systems at work (like the blood vessels circulating blood containing oxygen and nutrients) that respond to outside events, including exposures to stressors or pollutants. 

Regulating a healthy human biological terrain is similar to raising a healthy, thriving garden. This special edition box was created to help you do just that - tend to your own garden.

Let us help you support a healthy terrain!


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