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5 Low-Sugar Snacks For Healthy Living

We firmly believe that everything should be taken in moderation. As should be done with most things we eat or many of the activities we do. With sugar, it is always better to take it in as natural a form as you can. Be It honey or fresh fruits, you don’t necessarily need refined sugar. The only argument that does hold some backing is the fact that refined sugar, unlike natural sweeteners, causes weight gain and can lead to severe health problems such as obesity.

Apart from everything, we just want you to be healthy. This list of healthy snacks will make you want to never go back to sugar again.

Here is a list of 5 low-sugar snacks for healthy living:


Roasted Chickpeas:

Roasted chickpeas are a filling and delicious snack that you should definitely try. The best part about this is you can choose what flavor you want your chickpeas to be. Roast them with some honey for a sweet snack or add some spices for a little bit of a kick. Either way, this is a great way to lower your sugar intake.


Edamame is one of our top favorites! The best part about these delicious beans is that they have some natural sweetness to them. This means, if you’re craving something sweet, just roast them with a pinch of salt and enjoy. Edamame is also a great source of daily fiber and each serving contains only about 2 grams of sugar.

Fruit Smoothie:

Smoothies are one of the most refreshing, healthy snacks on this list. Not only are they rich in nutrients, they’re so delicious that you might not even realize that there’s no artificial sugar in it. Smoothies are really easy to make, just pick your favorite fruits, add in some Greek yoghurt and milk and blend away. If you want some added flavor, you can mix in a few drops of vanilla extract. With only 12 grams of sugar per serving, all your sugar cravings are sure to be satisfied.

Yoghurt and Berries:

A quick and easy recipe for all our sugar-loving readers is the yoghurt and berry mix! You only need three ingredients, Greek yoghurt, your choice of berries and a little bit of vanilla extract. Add the ingredients to a bowl and mix it up. Et voila, there you have it! A mouth-watering snack perfect for the summer days.

Apples in Almond Butter:

You probably remember this snack from your kindergarten days. It’s still the same and just as tasty as ever. Slice up some apples and dip them in your favorite almond butter for a filling, healthy snack. Do note that some almond butters available do contain artificial sweeteners so be sure to read the label before you make any purchase.


The fundamental message here is not to deprive yourself of sugars altogether but rather to come up with a plan that allows you to enjoy each sweet snack to the fullest. It is true that refined sugar contains plenty of carbohydrates that are not good for you, cancer or not, so it’s always best to take advantage of the endless natural options we have.

Happy snacking!



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