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Why Mushrooms should be a part of YOUR Cancer Toolbox!

We are talking all things Mushrooms and Cancer! The 3,000 year old history, current scientific discoveries, and creative ways to get mushrooms into your system!

Mushroom cooking powders (aff links):

- Om Master Blend (10 mushrooms):

- Om Immune Blend:

Four Sigmatic Drinking Mushrooms (aff link):

- Use discount code THECANCERBOX at checkout for 10% off!

MUD/WTR Drinking Mushrooms (aff link):


Host Defense Supplements (aff links):

- Turkey Tail:

- Mushroom Blend:

Mushroom Logs (aff links):

- Organic Oyster Mushroom Log:

- Shiitake Mushroom Log:

Mushroom Log Video:



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