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The Cancer Box is filled with life-giving products we have meticulously researched & sourced, and ship to cancer patients monthly. We work with doctors to continuously research and gather the highest quality set of vitamins & supplements possible.

The foundation:

Each month is different, and often builds upon the themes of previous months, but the foundation is always the following Supplements and Vitamins: 

1. Curcumin (Check out this video to learn why)

2. Mushroom Extract (Check out this blog post to learn why)

3. Vitamin C (Check out this blog post to learn why)

4. Melatonin (Check out this video to learn why)

5. Vitamin D3/K2 

6.  Moringa Leaf 

These will be the core of the box! Each one has a proven track record in clinical studies to aid in the fight against cancer and there are detailed instructions & explanations for each.

In order to keep costs down and give time to ease into the new diet changes, the first month contains a two month supply of half of the supplements, the second month provides the remaining half. This pattern continues to ensure you always have what you need!

The Extras:

We also pack each box with carefully curated items that range between snacks, cancer-fighting recipes, side-effect aids, swag, healthy eating guides, & inspirational content.

Each month is a new theme, focusing on dietary, emotional, mental and spiritual support! 

Note: As with any nutritional changes during cancer treatment, we make sure that any recipient of The Cancer Box has discussed these changes with their primary doctor! If the full list of supplements are not approved by the doctor, we can make changes to the contents of the box and adjust pricing accordingly.

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